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Conference System AVC-833

  • AVC-833C/D-Chairman/Delegate Unit 
  • AVC-833M Main Controller 


  1. Match with 2.1M connection cable.
  2. With two microphone input design (adding the lapel microphone hub )
  3. Inside work with DC24V power by Main machine, It’s safety for users.
  4. Loudspeaker with auto mute, earphone jack and volume adjusting knob.
  5. Chairman unit with priority speaking, can off each representative speaking unit.
  6. Chairman can shut down all delegates, and chairmen do not be limited by main machine.
  7. Unit-direction condenser microphone: goose neck microphone with red ring indicator LED.
  8. Open the microphone automatically mute speakers with headphone jack and volume control knob



NAME AV833C/D Unit
input/output 8P-DIN×1(2M)
input Condenser Microphone
power supply DC24V(Supplied by the host)
current drain 40mA
sensitivity -47Db
s/n 65Db
frequency response 100-10KHZ
weight 1kg
(W、D、H)dimension 144×128×60mm
colors Silver/Gray Black
installation Desktop
MIC Stem Length 400mm (Activity)


  • Mix discussion, camera tracking and voting functions together.
  • Teleconferencing is allowed with telephone coincidence.
  • Built in frequency shifting, restraining screaming.
  • The rack hole: fixed the main machine in the 19”standard rack.
  • Holder Camera Setting: bring about the function of automatic tracking video.
  • Tracking blackout remembering function, still tracking even breaking away from a computer.
  • The main machine has 4 route can connect 80 units, through extend power machine can connect 2000 units.
  • The computer and controlling the keyboard could bring about the function of automatic tracking video
  • It has LCD display screen menu of Chinese and English. Bring about the control of the meeting function with the function-key.
  • Seceding computer,still having the following mode:1.Free discussion model, turn on the unit or units (no limited) in arbitrary at the same times.
    2.Amount limited model: turn on the unit with1/2/3/4/5/6 at the same time.
    3.FIFO model: speaking units 1/2/3/4/5/6 can be controlled.
    4.Chairman mode: only allows the Chairman to speak.
    5.The following mode must be set by computer software:
    6.Request: indicator light flicker after press ON button,software control switch.
    7.Auto-meeting: Limit speaks time.AV833MSPECIFICATIONS
NAME AV833M Main Machine
input/output 8P-DIN×4 XLRM×1 RCA×1 6.35mm×1
input RCA×1
power supply AC220V-50HZ
current drain 120W(MAX)
frequency response 100-14KHZ
weight 8.5kg
(W、D、H)dimension 480×325×88mm
colors Dark gray