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Conference System AVC-834

  • AVC-834C/D-Chairman/Delegate Unit
  • AVC-834M Main Controller



  • Match with 2.1M connection cable.
  • With two microphone input design (adding the lapel microphone hub )
  • Inside work with DC24V power by Main machine, its safety for users.
  • Loudspeaker with auto mute, earphone jack and volume adjusting knob.
  • Chairman unit with priority speaking, can off each representative speaking unit.
  • Chairman can shut down all delegates, and chairmen do not be limited by main machine.
  • Unit-direction condenser microphone: goose neck microphone with red ring indicator LED.
  • Open the microphone automatically mute speakers with headphone jack and volume control knobAV834C/DSPECIFICATIONS
input/output 8P-DIN×1(2M)
input Condenser Microphone
power supply DC24V(Supplied by the host)
current drain 40mA
sensitivity -47Db
s/n 65Db
frequency response 100-10KHZ
weight 1.1kg
(W、D、H)dimension 190×130×56mm
colors Silver/Gray Black
installation Desktop
MIC Stem Length 400mm (Activity)


  • Mix discussion, camera tracking and voting functions together.
  • Teleconferencing is allowed with telephone coincidence.
  • Built in frequency shifting, restraining screaming.
  • The rack hole: fixed the main machine in the 19”standard rack.
  • Holder Camera Setting: bring about the function of automatic tracking video.
  • Tracking blackout remembering function, still tracking even breaking away from a computer.
  • The main machine has 4 route can connect 80 units, through extend power machine can connect 2000 units.
  • The computer and controlling the keyboard could bring about the function of automatic tracking video.
  • It has LCD display screen menu of Chinese and English. Bring about the control of the meeting function with the function-key.
  • Seceding computer,still having the following mode:
    a: Free discussion model, turn on the unit or units (no limited) in arbitrary at the same times.
    b:. Amount limited model: turn on the unit with1/2/3/4/5/6 at the same time.
    c. FIFO model: speaking units 1/2/3/4/5/6 can be controlled.
    d. Chairman mode: only allows the Chairman to speak
  • The following mode must be set by computer software:
  •  Request: indicator light flicker after press ON button,software control switch.
  •  Auto-meeting: Limit speaks time.SPECIFICATIONS

    NAME AV833M Main Machine
    input/output 8P-DIN×4 XLRM×1 RCA×1 6.35mm×1
    input RCA×1
    power supply AC220V-50HZ
    current drain 120W(MAX)
    frequency response 100-14KHZ
    weight 8.5kg
    (W、D、H)dimension 480×325×88mm
    colors Dark gray