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Conference System AVC-836

  • AVC-836C/D-Chairman/Delegate Unit 
  • AVC-836M-Main Controller


  • Microphone on/off button
  • microphone gooseneck can be pull out
  • Newly digital design
  • Listening and speaking
  • Power supply for all the delegate units is provided by the main unit at 18 safe voltages.
  • 8-PIN T-type hand-in-hand interconnection cable
  • Annular red indicator lamp could show the state of the microphone
  • Chairman unit number in the system is unrestricted, can join in any position of the system.
  • Chairman can turn down delegate MIC by priority button,
  • C. only mode: only chairman microphone can be turn onSPECIFICATIONS

    Frequency response: 50-16kHzSensitivity :42dB±2dBReceiving distanc: 15cm-50cmLength of gooseneck 390mmSize: 200*120*64(mm)Weight: 0.75kg


The main unit can match the request no matter for few of representative delegate units in the small conference system, or the big conference system includes interpreter equipment, hundreds of representative units or wired and wireless language distribution equipments. The main unit has all the power supply for all of representative units and basic controlled function, and has port which connected with kind of other equipments. Also, it can reach much more function by adding other equipments and software.


  • LCD display for status information and configuration
  • Number control of the main unit and conference system single connecting and
    sounds signal adapted the same cable. (8DIN)
  • Up to connect 240 pcs microphones with extension unit
  • Operate independently or connect with computer external and use

with software simultaneously, managing kinds of conference function
(conference mode or operation: Appointed to speak, Free, Applied to speak and FIFO, etc)

  • Single unit can manage functions: Open, Limit, FIFO,
  • 1~9 microphone speaker at the same time
  • Internal video camera interface, managing speaking tracking function.
  • audio signal input interface, internal connects CD player or audio input equipment
  • one group MIC input interface, external connects signal of handhold MIC and wireless MIC
  • three group audio signal output interface, internal connects REC or audio equipment
  • installed inside 19inch standard frame