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Conference System AVC-851

  • AVC-851C/D-Chairman/Delegate Unit 
  • AVC-851M Main Controller 


  • Professional and elegant Aluminum alloy Panel
  • Red ring indicator shows the active unit
  • LCD window shows the operation information
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Hyper-cardioids directional gooseneck microphone
  • 6 keys for sign-in, voting and volume adjustment
  • Luminous design for ON/OFF button
  • Built-in IC card reader to perform IC card sign-in function
  • With priority button in chairman unit to override all the delegate unitSPECIFICATIONS:
Earphone jack 3.5mm jack
Cable connector DIN 13 Pins
Power supply DC24V supplied by main controller
Max current consumption 70mA
Sensitivity -50d B/Pa
Frequency response lOOHz-12KHz
S/N rati0 65dB
Built-in Speaker lW/ 80
Directional  pattern Hyper  ca rdioid
Color Black


AV851 system is the perfect combination of audio conference technology and intelligent digital technology. It adopts CPU (central processing unit) and high fidelity circuit design to reproduce the original tone. It has voting function and 4 channels simultaneous interpretation function, system auto inspection etc. It is the new generation of multi-function conference system, which can easily control without PC. It is the ideal solution for the camera tracking conference projects of hotels, governments, enterprises and multi-function conference rooms.


  • With LCD windows in both main controller and speaking unit
  • 3+1 channels simultaneous interpretation function
  • With Yes, No and Abstain voting function
  • Camera tracking and simultaneous interpretation function can be realized without PC
  • With 4 channels output and each channel can support utmost 30 units, up t0 65 units
    for each channel by connecting to expander, totally 260 units
  • Supporting 20 chairman units
  • System includes FIFO (first in first out), LIFO (late in first out), auto mode, apply mode,
    discussing mode and chairman mode etc
  • Auto off and time off function
  • It supports PELCO P/D, YAAN and SONY EVI-D70 camera agreement
  • Up t0 6 cameras can be used by connecting with video switch
  • With REC output for recording all the conference contentsSPECIFICATIONS
Delegate/Chairman/ interpretation connector DIN 13 Pins
Telephone coupler connector RCA
Original/interpreting output RCA
Audio input RCA
High speed dome RS-485
PC connector RS-232
Max current consumption 70mA
Sensitivity -50dB/Pa
Frequency response 100Hz-12KHz
S/N ratio 65dB
Dimension 483*323*90mm